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Silicone rubber sheathed flat cable
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Silicone rubber sheathed flat cable

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Model JGG JG YGCB    
Core material copper Number of cores 1-37
Sheath material Silicone Rubber Maximum outer diameter of wire 100(mm)
Sheath thickness 4.0(mm) certified product CCC
I. Products implement GB5013-1997, GB12666 and IEC331 standards
2. This product is suitable for high-temperature and harsh environment with AC rated voltage 0.6 / 1KV and below. It is used for electrical equipment power transmission and signal control. It is widely used in steel, electric power, petroleum, chemical and other industries. Model: YGZ, YGZB, YGC, YGCB. JG JYJ
Anhui Hongye Instrument Cable Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of wire and cable instruments. Our company has passed ISO9001-2016 quality system certification; industrial production license and national compulsory CCC certification. The company persists in continuous innovation, and by absorbing advanced production and management experience at home and abroad, it has established a business model that symbolizes a modern enterprise system, as well as a strong technology development system and marketing system. The company has recently introduced testing equipment with a domestic leading level to ensure zero defects in the product and firmly establish a quality awareness that "internal quality is benefit, and external quality is dignity."  
The main products produced and developed by the company include: bare copper stranded cross-linked cables, overhead insulated cables, power cables, control cables, shielded cables for electronic computers, instrument signal cables, pre-branch cables, various flame-retardant, fire-resistant, low-smoke Halogen-free, intrinsically safe cables, high temperature special cables such as silicone rubber and PTFE. Inverter special shielded cable, etc. Detailed models are: TJ TJR TJX TJRX YJV YJVR YJV22 YJVP2-22 YJLV JKV VV VV22 VLV VLV22 KVV KVVP KVVP2 KVVRP DJYVP DJYPVP KC KX SC JX RV RVS RVV RVVP BV BVVB JVV-VV-VV-NH BP-DJYVP, etc.
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