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leader's speech

leader's speech

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In the new journey, as the backbone member of Anhui Enterprise and Anhui Brand Hongye Instrumentation Cable Co., Ltd., Anhui Hongye Cable will uphold the enterprise spirit of “being brave and never satisfied” to consolidate and develop cable production and development. One core main business, strive to make breakthroughs in high-tech cables, and maintain the competitive advantage of enterprises; further explore the establishment of an industrial chain of coordinated development of the "up, middle, and bottom" of the enterprise, forming the main business, upstream industry, capital operation, international business , Wire and cable, instrumentation and other sectors of the coordinated development of the industrial layout, the development of new economic growth points and profit growth points; while strengthening the company's leading level in the cable enterprise system, it is committed to building the company into an industry-leading, international competitiveness Modern business.
We are convinced that under the correct leadership of the state and the government, Anhui Hongye Cable will further increase market development efforts, improve corporate governance, optimize industrial structure, strengthen enterprise management, promote scientific and technological innovation, achieve scientific development, and repay the society with new performance. For the benefit of employees.
Thank you again for your interest and support for us!

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