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Flat cable use / parameters / factory price
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Flat cable use / parameters / factory price

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Flat cable is used for power connection and control signal lighting of various mobile power devices in lifting, transportation, machinery, electrical, mining, and other industries with an operating voltage of 450 / 750V and below, and an ambient temperature of -40~70℃. Nitrile composites for insulation and sheathing, to improve the cable's soft characteristics, corrosion resistance and cold resistance.
(1) Flat cable is used for power transmission line or connection cable for mobile electrical appliances. The product has the characteristics of heat resistance radiation, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosive gas, water resistance, etc. The cable structure is soft, the radiation is convenient, and the electrical is in high temperature (alpine) environment. Stable performance, outstanding anti-aging performance, long service life, widely used in metallurgy, power, petrochemical, electronics, automobile manufacturing and other industries.
(2) The conductive wire core adopts a soft structure to ensure that the cable is flexible.
(3) The butyl polymer is used as the insulation and protection layer material to improve the softness, corrosion resistance and cold resistance of the cable.
(4) Separation of insulated wire cores provides convenience for laying and installation.
(5) Wire ropes or other load-bearing components can be added on both sides of the cable core according to customer needs.
 Main performance conforms to (Q/ZB 01-2005)
(1) Rated working voltage of the cable: AC 450 / 750V and below.
(2) The ambient temperature of the cable: -40 ~ 70℃.
(3) Minimum bending radius of cable: 10 times the thickness of the small side of the cable.
(4) AC between the finished cable cores: 50Hz, 2.5kV test voltage does not breakdown for 5min.
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