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WSS-485 bimetal thermometer
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WSS-485 bimetal thermometer

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WSS-485 bimetal thermometer is a kind of field testing instrument for measuring low and medium temperature. The bimetal thermometer can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium in the range of -80 ℃ ~ + 500 ℃ in various production processes. The bimetal thermometer is based on a bimetal sheet wound in a loop shape. When one end is heated and expanded, the pointer is driven to rotate, and the working instrument displays the corresponding temperature value.
WSS-485 bimetal thermometer indicates the nominal diameter of the dial: Φ100, universal bimetal thermometer, installation and fixing form: card sleeve thread.
Product features of bimetal thermometer:
The temperature is displayed on site, which is intuitive and convenient.
Safe and reliable, long service life.
A variety of structural forms can meet different requirements.
Technical index of bimetal thermometer:
Executive standard: JB / T8803-1998 GB3836-83
Nominal diameter of dial: 60, 100, 150
Accuracy grade: (1.0), 1.5
Thermal response time: ≤40S
Protection level: IP55
Angle adjustment error: The angle adjustment error should not exceed 1.0% of its range
Hysteresis: The hysteresis of the bimetal thermometer should not be greater than the absolute value of the basic error limit
Repeatability: The repeatability limit range of the bimetal thermometer should not be greater than 1/2 of the absolute value of the basic error limit.
Bimetal thermometer selection table:

RD   Rundong Instrument Identification
Serial Number WSS   Bimetallic thermometer
Dial nominal diameter -3   Φ60
-4   Φ100
-5   Φ150
Dial form 0   Axial (straight)
1   Radial (Angular)
2   135 ° (obtuse angle type)
8   Universal (adjustable angle type)
Installation fixed form 0   Without fixture
1   Movable external thread
2   Movable internal thread
3   Fixed thread
4   Fixed flange
5   Ferrule thread
6   Ferrule flange
Form of protection -   normal type
W   Protective
F   Anticorrosive

Installation fixed form
Ferrule threaded joint
M H SW d
M12×1.5 15 19 Φ6
M16×1.5 15 22 Φ8
M20×1.5 16 24 Φ10
Bimetal thermometer selection instructions: Please provide the model, dial diameter, accuracy level, installation and fixing form, temperature measurement range, protection tube material, length or insertion depth.
Selection example: universal bimetal thermometer, dial diameter Φ100, temperature range 0 ~ 150 ℃, 1.5 grade, ferrule thread M20 × 1.5, length 250mm WSS-485, 0 ~ 150 ℃, L = 250, M20 × 1.5, 1.5 level.
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