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yvfb flat cable yffb flat cable for driving Anhui Hongye cable
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yvfb flat cable yffb flat cable for driving Anhui Hongye cable

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Product model:
YFFB / YFFBGYVFB / YVFBG New Nitrile Sheath Wear-resistant Tensile Flat Cable Driving Cable Cores 2-80, Various models can be made according to customer needs
Sheath material New nitrile sheath is wear-resistant, tensile-resistant, oil-resistant, bending-resistant and crack-resistant. The shape of the material is flat, with a heart-shaped or plum-shaped arrangement.
High tensile strength, maximum outer diameter of steel wire can be 100 (mm)
Insulation thickness 1-10mm
Product introduction:
Model: YFFB / YFFBG YVFB / YVFBG Flat Cable Driving Cable
1Widely used in power transmission of cranes, trolleys, transmission machinery, cranes, and elevators;
2 applicable to the connection between mobile devices;
3 It can be applied to the power control and video monitoring of elevators;
4 Used in sewage treatment plants, stackers and other equipment;
Product features:
1. The product has high weather resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance, softness and other characteristics;
2. Have higher tensile strength;
3. Good performance.
Product structure:
1. Can be distinguished by color or code;
2.Plum blossom design or word design;
3. Abrasion-resistant and bending-resistant material.
Five, cable characteristics:
1. Reduced size saves more space than round cables
2. Smaller bend radius for round cables
3. Tie multiple flat cables together
4. Horizontal discharge will not occur with the cables twisted together.
Cable structure:
Conductor: 99.9999% annealed tensile special oxygen-free copper
Insulation: Imported nitrile compound NBR
Shielding: tinned copper wire high-density braided mesh or aluminum foil shielding
Reinforcement: Multi-strand high-grade cotton filled, non-metallic tensile conductor or flexible steel wire for cable (optional)
Sheath: Imported nitrile compound NBR or polyurethane compound
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