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Foreign purchase of brass tape shielded VVP2 power cable
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Foreign purchase of brass tape shielded VVP2 power cable

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Shielded power cable models: VVP, VVP2, VVP2-22, VVRP, VVRP2, VVRP2-22, YJVP, YJVP2, YJVP2-22
Shielded power cables are suitable for transmitting power in AC / DC power lines with a rated voltage of 0.6 / 1kV and below. In addition to the electrical characteristics of ordinary plastic cables, this product also has strong anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-lightning performance, balanced potential, and improved power supply characteristics. Particularly suitable for places with precision electronic devices, such as computer centers, aerospace monitoring and control centers, and intelligent buildings.
I. Special properties:
1. Strong corrosion resistance, acid, alkali and organic solvent resistance.
2. The shielded power cable has anti-electromagnetic field interference performance.
3. The power flexible cable has the characteristics of fixed installation, mobile use, and soft performance.
4. Laying, installation and maintenance are simple and convenient.
5. In addition to the above-mentioned performance, the shielded cable also has the function of shielding layer to replace the grounded auxiliary line, and achieves the role of the auxiliary line, and meets the requirements of the conductor resistance of the auxiliary line.
Second, the main performance:
l The finished cable should withstand the voltage test of 3500 / 5min.
2. The long-term maximum working temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 70℃.
3. The ambient temperature for laying the cable is not lower than 0℃.
4. The minimum bending radius of the cable should be: cable with steel tape armor structure, no less than I2 times the outer diameter of the cable, and flexible cable with steel wire shield structure not less than 8 times the outer diameter of the cable.
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